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Best Weight Bench Reviews – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Planning to buy the best Weight Bench for Your Home Gym? Read our in-depth Weight bench reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision. 

If you’re thinking about building a home gym, we are sure the power rack, adjustable dumbbells, weight plates and barbells jump to mind at first, isn’t it? But having the right weight bench can be a game changer.

A weight bench opens the door to a plethora of seated and lying down exercises like the chest press, hammer curls etc. But with tons of brands and models available making the right pick can be both stressful and time-consuming.

So we gathered the experts, tested different models and picked out the 7 best weight benches for 2017 making your job simpler and quicker.

Best High-End Weight Bench for Commercial Gyms

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Bench: If you’re looking for a top of the line weight bench and budget isn’t a concern then Fitness Reality X-Class is the best purchase you can make in 2017!

XMark Fitness XM-7472 FID Adjustable Weight Bench: However, if you’re on a budget but still need something that will hold the test of time and the weight of your dumbbells without wobbling, the XMark FID 11-Gauge Weight Bench is our go-to recommendation. It is only second best to our top recommendation.

Best Budget Weight Bench for Home Gyms and Personal Use

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1:  If you’re looking for something cheap yet durable that will do the job then Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 is our go-to recommendation when it comes to buying a weight bench for your home gym.

Best Weight Benches for 2017

Weight BenchBest FeatureWeight CapacityBudgetRating
Fitness Reality X-Class

Preacher & Leg Curl Attachments1500 lbsPremium4.9/5
XMark Fitness XM-74723" Padding for extra comfort1500 lbsPremium4.7/5
Bowflex SelectTech 5.1

30-Year Frame Warranty400 lbsBudget4.5/5
Rep AB-300010-Year Frame Warranty1000 lbsPremium4.5/5
Ironmaster Super Adjustable Bench11 Incline Positions1000 lbsPremium4.4/5

In-Depth Weight Bench Reviews

If you’re serious about your weight training and would settle for only the absolute best, note, the Fitness Reality X-Class is just the perfect fit for any home or commercial gym.

It’s simple yet durable design and unmatched versatility turn into a complete weight training package.

Wondering what puts the Fitness Reality X Class leaps and bounds ahead of the pack? Here’s everything you need to know.

Fitness Reality X-Class

Multi-Purpose Equipment

One of the standout features of the X-Class is the preacher curl and leg developer attachment that turn this bench into a multi-purpose gym workhorse (yeah, this isn’t your average bench, it’s much more).

These attachments help you maximize your gains so you too can grow those big guns (you so badly crave) and develop those chicken legs that are often neglected.

Secondly, the ergonomically designed bench has 6 preacher curl and 2 leg developer height adjustments so you’re always perfectly positioned on the bench.

Also, with the 7-inch storage post capable of holding 180 lbs you can easily take your arm and leg workouts up a notch


For adjustable bench, an inline and decline feature is a priority and the X Class does not disappoint.

It comes with 4 adjustable seat and 7 adjustable backrest positions with safe lockups and can go from a -15-degree decline to an 85-degree incline within seconds.

So you can perform all the presses and seated exercises with a single equipment right from the comfort on your home irrespective of your height.


The powder coated heavy duty 2”x 3” tubular steel build of the X Class makes it one of the most durable benches on the list and has a whopping user weight capacity of 1500 lbs so you can throw some weight around while on it.

Secondly, the U-shaped stabilizer bar at the bottom with flat platforms provides added stability.

And with the detachable leg lockdown system, you’ll no longer have to worry about wobbles and jerks while performing sit-ups and crunches.

Finally, the oversized transportation wheels make for easy movement of the bench so storage and placement are hassle-free.


The 2.5” commercial grade multi-layered backrest and seat have been primed for stability and more importantly comfort.

Covered with a double stitch moisture resistant vinyl, the backrest, seat and the foam rollers add to the stability.

Don’t let the fear of injuries cripple you and turn the beast mode on!

It’s also scratch and tear resistant further justifying its premium price and build quality.


Overall, yes the X Class comes with a hefty price tag but it’s attachments, build and padding turn it into the most versatile and durable benches (just the badass bench any serious bodybuilder needs).

With a rating of 4.5 and over 70 reviews, the XMark 11 Gauge Adjustable bench has definitely left a ‘Mark’ amongst its buyers and checks pretty much every feature box that defines the perfect weight bench, making it our # 2 pick.

XMark Fitness XM-7472


The XMark FID Bench too has 7 adjustable incline/decline and 4 seat positions for optimum safety and comfort while enabling you to perform over 25 different exercises.

It can go from a full decline to a 90-degree military press pose within seconds while the secure locking system keeps it steady.

The ergonomic design ensures it’s perfectly positioned off the ground and sufficiently wide allowing free and wider motion range, perfect for even the tallest or bulkiest of users.


It’s 11-gauge steel frame finished with a scratch resistant powder coating make it a rock-solid investment, one to last you for years with proper care.

Further, due to its strong build, the bench can hold up to 1500 lbs so for the pros cranking up the lifting game, it’s a great pick.

Also, with the built-in wheels moving this 70-pound bad boy is easy.


A unique feature of the XM-7472 is the padding. So what is so special?

While most benches come with a 2” padding, XMark has gone a step further and added to the comfort with the extra thick 3” duracraft padding preventing strains and soreness.

Topping that is slip-resistant and wipeable vinyl cover which makes working out even in the hottest and humid conditions safe and sound and saves you clean-up time.

Further, even under the sheer weight, the scratch and tear-free nature of the vinyl stands the test of time like a boss.


While it goes toe to toe with the X Class on most features, its separately sold preacher or leg curl attachments significantly add to the cost, in turn, lowering the bench’s versatility.

But if you’re not in for the fancy frills and need the best features at a relatively lower price, the XM-7472 is a worthy buy for its price tag.

Are you on a budget? Relax, we’ve got you covered as well. Unlike most budget products, the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 does not compromise with basic features or the build thus making it home (only) gym equipment.

Here are 3 reasons the SelectTech 5.1 stands out in this price range.

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1


While most cheap benches have fewer incline angles and no decline, Bowflex has gone the extra mile to ensure your regime isn’t compromised even if on a budget.

The SelectTech 5.1 has 2 seat and 6 different backrest positions which include a 17-degree decline and a maximum of 90-degree incline so you always have the perfect posture and motion range.


With its commercial steel build, the bench can withstand 400 lbs of user weight making it the ideal pick for people of all sizes and if that’s not enough, hear this.

The bench comes with a 30-year frame warranty and 1-year upholstery warranty (yup, that’s how much faith Bowflex has on the product).

Use it right, maintain it well and the investment will last you long and we mean really long. (This feedback was shared by some long-time users of Bowflex weight bench)

Lastly, the detachable leg brace provides added support during a decline, ideal for first-time lifters while for the pros finding it a distraction, it can be easily removed.


The bench comes with the ideal amount of padding for a comfortable workout while the moisture resistant upholstery adds to the stability.

Yes, the upholstery does wrinkle with use, but it’s not one that will tear or wear out quickly and is wipeable, so hey, don’t ditch the post-workout clean-up.


Finally, While the SelectTech doesn’t offer the versatility of a higher end model and neither can be folded but for those on a budget in need of a durable, compact yet comfortable bench, this baby is the perfect fit.

Based in Colorado, Rep Fitness isn’t just a distributor but a creator and has over the years grown into one of the most popular fitness brands worldwide and their AB-3000 FID adjustable bench is just another example of their expertise and knowledge in the fitness arena.

Here’s why this bench makes the top 5.

Rep AB-3000 FID


Like most adjustable benches, the AB-3000 too comes with 7 positions that include an 85-degree incline and -20-degree decline. Now, be it a decline or incline press, you can do it all.

And with the 4 seat position, your back is provided the perfect support irrespective of the incline/decline angle.

Further, it’s 11.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches high allowing lats and your elbows the perfect motions and helping you push perfectly push off the ground.


With a strong, commercial quality 11- Gauge steel build the bench won’t crack even under 1000 lbs of weight.

That’s not all, Rep Fitness provides a 10-year frame and 1-year upholstery warranty placing immense trust on the build and design of the AB-3000

So whether you’d like to shed excess fat or put on a few extra muscle pounds, this weight bench is there to stay and grind it out with you.


Providing you maximum comfort and endurance especially during heavy lifts is the 2” inch thick padding.

Also, the durable and non-slip vinyl cover is wipeable and adds to the stability so sweat or moisture is never a deterrent to your routine


The Rep AB-3000 FID lacks transport wheels and weighs about 85 pounds so unless and until you’re up for another round of heavy lifting, moving it can be tough.

Also, because of it’s bulky size you’ll need to free up some space so your movement isn’t restricted and neither is the bench damaged

But if you’ve got a fixed open spot at the gym or home, its versatile build and convenient features make it a great buy.

While Ironmaster is mainly known for their innovative and convenient adjustable dumbbells, their Super adjustable bench with its sleek and sexy design yet amazing build quality is certainly one to watch out for in 2017.

​Ironmaster Super Adjustable Bench


While most benches come with 6-7 adjustable positions, the Ironmaster sets itself apart with a stunning 11 incline positions so there isn’t a muscle in your body that’s not targeted.

The seat can be further adjusted to 4 different positions so you’d never be off the mark with your posture and form.


The Super Bench is capable of lifting 1000 lbs of weight with ease mainly because of its 11-inch gauge steel frame and powder coated finish which prevents rust and scratches.

Further, its relatively smaller size and low weight make storage and movement easier making it an ideal pick for both home gyms or commercial gyms with less space.

Further adding to its reputation is the 10-year frame and 1-year upholstery warranty.


Padding is an important weight bench feature as it has direct implications on the comfort and the Super Bench does not disappoint.

The 3″ duracraft pad teamed with the moisture and tear resistant duraguard vinyl cover, seat and back cushion is just the perfect amount of cushioning and stability to prevent strains and aches.


While the Super bench is great, it isn’t perfect.

The bench lacks wheels so moving it around isn’t tough it weighs just 65 lbs (hey, don’t be a lazy ass, just lift it).

Using the decline feature will require you to purchase the dip attachment that can set you back a few extra bucks.

Overall, there’s a reason that Ironmaster calls it the super bench and that’s its 11 incline positions which combined with the build and design make it a buy you won’t regret.

#6: FEIERDUN Adjustable Gym Bench - Heavy Workout Utility Bench

Yes, we’re almost at the end of our countdown but with the Feierdun adjustable weight bench, we aren’t quite done yet especially if you’re in for mid-range product with the basic features done right.

FEIERDUN Adjustable Gym Bench


The weight bench features 5 adjustable positions so you can work on your core and upper body muscles.

And the 3 seat adjustments ensure you’re comfortably positioned irrespective of the workout you’re performing.


The heavy-duty steel build of the Feierdun Adjustable Gym Bench not only provides durability but also makes it capable of handling about 882 lbs. of user weight.

And backing the build quality is the 10-year frame warranty provided by Feierdun


The bench comes with a 1.97-inch dense foam padding which provides adequate comfort considering you’re not lifting too heavy.

The vinyl cover is slip resistant which provides great stability but may wear out with regular use.


The Feierdun has lesser adjustable positions, lower weight capacity, and also has a comparatively thinner foam padding.

Yes, it’s durable and if you like to keep it simple and light it’s a good mid-budget buy that can last you a few years.

Last but not the least comes in the Marcy SB670 and is worth a mention especially for newbies looking for a cheap, basic adjustable bench with features to help you get on the fitness bandwagon.

Marcy SB670 Weight Bench


The Marcy SB670 comes with 6 different positions so switching from incline to decline or even a seated workout is easy and can be done within seconds.

Also, the automatically adjustable seat provides a comfortable posture irrespective of the angle you’re working out in.


The 14-inch gauge steel build, combined with a powder coated finish makes it a sturdy bench and it can withstand around 300 lbs of user weight.

Have to move the bench around daily? Well, you’ll love the SB670 as it weighs just 45 lbs and comes with wheels.


The dense foam padding on the backrest and the seat provides good comfort so you can workout without jeopardizing your safety.

The upholstery is slip resistant but does need regular maintenance. So make sure you’re cleaning it up at the end of every workout.

And unlike most weight benches that come with a plain, flat colored cover, the white stripes on each end add to the design of the bench.


At 330 lbs. the weight capacity of the Marcy utility bench is quite low and we’d recommend the pros to steer clear of it.

Another major drawback is the lack of additional leg support for the decline workout so you may experience some wobble or jerks during heavy lifts.

Also, if you’re a first-timer, we’d recommend getting help with the assembly as it can be tedious and time-consuming.

All in all, for a weight bench that is priced below $150 the Marcy SB670 has quite a lot to offer.

How to Use a Rowing Machine the Right Way

The rowing machine isn’t as popular as it’s cousins in the gym; the treadmill or the elliptical. It can, however, provide a deep and fulfilling exercise routine.There are many benefits of using the rowing machine, you’ll be able to burn fat away while building up muscle strength. It’s also low impact and doesn’t put body weight on your extremities if you’re in recovery.

Used properly, the rowing machine can build muscle on the legs, the glutes, the arms, the chest, and the core. Used improperly, and it can bring muscle pain and back strain, but that can easily be avoided.


Let’s learn how to use this machine so you don’t end up causing pain and damage to your body.

Learning the Numbers

Most modern rowing machines are infinitely customizable and have a range of settings that can be overwhelming if you’re new to this machine. The basics are strokes (measured per minute), calories burned, kilometers traveled, or a split of those measurements.

You can learn to track those measurements to help you plan your improvements. Those numbers can also be used to help set workouts where you have to row a certain distance or maintain a certain stroke rate for a length of time.

Getting Set Up

Because you’re going to be moving around on the machine, it’s best to wear close-fitting clothing so nothing gets caught or trapped in the mechanism.  When you sit on the seat, strap in your feet so that they are securely fastened and you can pull on them without risking losing your grip on the pedals.

Pull your knees in and fully extend your arms to grasp the handle of the machine. Your back should be flat throughout this range of motion, and your core should be completely engaged as well. At the moment, you’re sitting in the position that rowers call the Catch. It’s that moment on the boat when the paddle ‘catches’ in the water and your body is poised to pull.

The Movement in Rowing Machine

In rowing, there are 4 positions to help you think about each section of your motion. There’s the Catch, the Drive, the Finish, and the Recovery. You already know the Catch.

The Drive is when your body explosively pushes back against the pedals and your arms pull the bar into your chest as you drive backward and sit up. Keeping a straight back throughout the motion and your body comes upright, your arms start the pulling motion.


Now, you’re in the position known as the Finish. You should have an engaged core, a straight back and be in an upright position with your legs locked. You finish the pulling motion, ending with the handle right up against your lower chest. Try not to flare to your elbows out but keep them reined in close to your body.

Lastly, move into the Recovery position. First, your arms straighten back into the first position, you hinge forward at the hips and your body leans forward, back straight as always. Your legs pull into your chest as you come forward to a full and tight crunch at the front.

If you can think about keeping the order correct, you’re already ahead of 95% of everybody out there. Most people draw their arms in too soon, or they don’t keep their back straight and core engaged. This can lead to excessive strain and back problems if continued.

Even if your first rowing movements are slowed and methodical, this order will help keep you safe and your workout will pack a more powerful punch for you.

Tough day at work? Try these Best Yoga Poses to Relax

Most of us dread going to the office because well, come on, sitting at your desk the whole day looking at a bunch of appointments is exactly nobody’s idea of fun. Getting up in the morning can be a pain and getting ready for work doesn’t make it any more exciting.


But with the help of these 5 yoga poses, you can start looking forward to your day and survive it if not completely enjoy it.

#1 Up and Stretch – Sitting Reed Pose

Sitting Reed Pose helps you start your day with a yoga pose sitting on your bed itself. Doesn’t that sound a perfect start to your perfect day?

What you have to do is sit on the edge of your bed and interlace your fingers while stretching your arms up towards the ceiling. Take in a deep breath and feel your body open. Now exhale while tilting towards your right side, you will feel your left side of body stretch and open. Now take a deep breath in while coming back to the center and go again to the other side. Repeat this for a few minutes, you will feel instantly energized and ready to take down your day.

#2 Shut it down – Centering Mountain

Centering Mountain pose is the simplest of the yoga poses which can be done anywhere and anytime on short notice. You can do this on a bus, in office, while walking, anytime and find your center with this pose.

You can sit or stand. Feel a lift from the center point of your body, starting from the base of your hip to the crown of your head. Shut your eyes and let go of your nearby surroundings. Take slow deep breaths and feel the quite centering and calmness which enters your body as your inhales and exhales become even and constant. Once you learn this centering technique, you can use it any time of the day. You will feel warmth and peacefulness in no time at all.


#3 Cow Face Yoga Pose

You can do this pose while sitting anywhere, in your office, bed or kitchen chair for that matter. All you need for this is a chair where you could sit on comfortably. It is said that if you’re working on a computer all day, you should take a break every 15 minutes to stretch out your neck and back. This pose is perfect for those breaks.

All you have to do is take your right hand and bring it near your upper back. Now get your left hand behind your back and try to touch your right hand but don’t force it if it is not touching. Hold for 5-8 seconds and feel your body stretch throughout your back and shoulder. Now switch the sides and repeat the whole process for another 5 minutes.

Cow-Face-Yoga Pose

#4 Seated twists

Seated twists are considered to be best to prepare your digestive system when you are about to eat. All you have to do is twist on your chair and let your body do all the work.

Make sure you sit with your knees and feet together and then lift your spine by taking in a deep breath. Turn your body to the right once you start exhaling. Keep your left hand on your outer right thigh and keep your right hand behind on your right side itself. Don’t forget to drop your shoulder blades from your ear. Hold this position for 5-8 breaths and then switch the sides.


#5 Bend it – Standing Forward Bend pose

Standing Forward Bend pose can be one of the best poses to relax your body for a long office day. All you have to do is allow 5-10 minutes for this exercise every day specifically on the yoga mat. It is beneficial for your digestive system and circulation and helps with back pain too. You can stretch your hamstring, arms and back with just a few simple steps.

Stand erect with your hands resting on either side of your body with your palms facing your thighs. Take a deep breath and lift up your hands. Now with a gradual exhale, bend forward while letting your torso and hands to move in a synchronized order until you touch the matt. Make sure you are looking at the floor the entire time of your bending. Keep this pose for a count of 15 and then slowly come back to your initial position.

Once you start doing all these yoga poses before or during your office day, you will feel energized and ready to take on your office day with a new kindred spirit. So what are you waiting for? Go and start feeling revived now.


How Yoga Will Make You Better At Any Sport

Yoga is an art which helps in boosting your strength and posture and guess what? It’s not just beneficial for hippie girls anymore. So all you weight lifters out there who think Yoga is probably a waste of time, I guess it’s time you put your weights down and give yoga a try.


Yoga not only helps in increasing your flexibility but it is quite beneficial to athletes also who are prone to a lot of injuries and pain. Don’t you believe me? Well, see for yourself.

More flexibility

Imagine all those Matrix movies you have seen and now imagine yourself doing that. Yes, it sounds incredible right? But that is exactly what Yoga can teach you.

A lot of players injure themselves because they use the same muscles again and again which results in tight muscles. As a result, when a player needs to make some sudden movement and needs the help of his other muscles, which are at this point untrained it results in a tear in the muscles and well we all know what comes next.

Elastic muscles and supple joint points are the key to efficiency and help you in recovering quickly and all this is possible through Yoga. Increasing your flexibility means increased range of motion and in turn output of power which could prove to be beneficial during any point of the game. Still, think yoga is for girls?

Mental Toughness

While physical training and body building are important, learning the art to quieten your mind is equally important. Many athletes talk about “being in the zone” when playing a big shot. Well, guess what? Yoga is all about helping you be in the present and quieten your mind so that you can make your shot count.

Yoga will make you aware of your body and mind and help you focus on your game more intensely. Distracted by crowds? Yoga would build up your concentration to such a level that after some time you won’t even notice they are there.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, yoga also proves to be a nice way to restore all your mental energy which you used up in the game. Yoga helps you to unplug yourself anywhere anytime, so if you feel too overwhelmed after your games then I would suggest you start doing Yoga.

Increased Muscle Function

Even though yoga is a combination of a lot of things but on a basic level, it’s all about breath and movement. Yoga helps you in relaxing and focusing on deep breaths which in turn results in more oxygen intake and more body awareness.

Better breathing techniques help in preventing muscle fatigue, side stitches, and erratic breathing. Imagine you playing for hours on the field and not experiencing any stitches or fatigue, sounds like a dream right? But this is all possible with a few Yoga workouts every day.

While training is the heart of any routine, yoga is the soul and both are equally important. So next time when you think that yoga is just for girls wearing hot pants, think again. You never know but it might just help you win that match which you’ve been anxious about for days now.

5 Yoga Poses Every Beginner Should Know About

Although it’s an ancient art but in recent times, yoga has become the go-to mantra to cure any illness or injuries. Doctors and physicians are encouraging more people to perform yoga to strengthen their body muscles. It is not only the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, it also provides a mental peace which is found to be lacking in this current world.

Then what are you waiting for? Start your yoga sessions with these 5 common poses and you will notice how much your body has been benefited from it.

#1 Tad Asana

The Mountain pose or more commonly known as Tad asana is simplest of the yoga poses and helps in getting your balance right, directing your attention to the present and increases height.

The Technique: Stick your feet together while standing. Interlock your fingers facing away from you and lift your hands over your head. Your thighs need to be lifted too. Make sure that you elongate your spine while breathing easily the whole time. This might sound a banal exercise but this is a starting pose in most yoga sessions.


#2 Savasana

This pose is another simple pose which is incorporated in every yoga class. This pose puts your body and mind at peace and gives it the ability to soak in all the benefits of the session.

The Technique: Lie down on the mat with your face up. Create some distance between your legs and spread out your feet. Now with your arms by your side and facing the roof, calm your body and mind down, shut your eyes and take in few deep breaths. Simple, isn’t it?


#3 Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Also, known as the bridge pose, this helps in stretching your neck and spine with great ease. This pose is also known to calm your mind while reducing your anxiety and stress levels. It also is known to help in improving your digestion.

The Technique: Lie on the mat with your knees bent and your feet touching the mat and the hands by your side. Also, make sure your feet are well aligned and distant from each other.

Now with your feet underneath your knees and your arms straight and grounded, lift up your hips and midsection off the floor. Shimmy your shoulders under your chest and interlace your fingers. Still troubled? See video below.


#4 Urdhva Mukha Svansana

Although not one of the tougher poses and often used by instructors in their classes this pose helps in opening up your chest and shoulders while stretching your abdominals and hip flexors.

How to perform it: Lie on the mat facing the floor. With your elbows in a half push-up pose, keep your hands close to your ribs. Stretch yourself out and upward till your arms straighten and lower back arches out. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to normal pose.


#5 Vasisthasana

Side planks are said to build your muscles of the shoulder, back and abdominal and further improves stability which could prove to be useful for those looking to better their arm strength and stability.

The Technique: Begin as you would for a downward dog. Now keep your right leg on top of your left and your left hand grounded and stretched. Now open up your body and raise the other hand upwards (like in the image below).


There are various yoga poses that can help you relax from a tough day at work you just need to find the yoga pose that suits your need.

5 Common Yoga Mistakes Beginner Makes and Their Simple Solutions

Squat…up down…stretch…bend…and repeat. Yoga has a lot of poses to perform and while you might not be a master of them yet, you are most definitely on the way to it. It might not happen overnight but hey Rome wasn’t built in a night!

So step onto your mat and avoid these 5 mistakes while doing yoga to become the ultimate Zen master:

Breathing Wrong

Breathing is the basic foundation of Yoga and if you end up doing this wrong, you don’t have much chance of becoming a yoga expert after all. When you are trying too hard to get a pose right, you tend to hold your breath which is a big No-No. Stop holding your breath and let go of it with ease.

Holding your breath creates a tension in your body which is the exact opposite purpose of yoga. If you feel that you are holding your breath, its sign that you are pushing too hard too fast. Slow down and try breathing deeply into your belly, through your nose, for the entire session.

Remember, practice makes a man perfect so don’t stop trying.

Getting into an Advanced Pose

What are you in a hurry for? Are you going to miss a train? If not, then just slow down. Don’t try a complicated yoga pose too fast; you might just end up with an injury. People don’t have the patience for appropriate practice, so they jump into the advanced stuff and later suffer.

Don’t jump, take yoga slow. Your body needs to feel comfortable before you hit an even trickier pose. Always start with a few warm-up exercises and then choose a few rounded yoga poses to make your body slowly flexible. Once you have enough practice, you can start on with a few advanced poses.


Too much Focus on Pose

We tend to forget that our body and our neighbor’s body are not same and so we have different limitations. Stop trying to compare your pose to other’s poses. It’s all about how comfortable you are able to handle a pose. If you try too hard to copy other’s pose, you might end up in injuring yourself.

Yoga isn’t about a perfect pose because there is none. It’s all about performing the steps to achieve a pose which is comfortable to your body. That being said, practicing your poses certainly doesn’t hurt. So keep on practicing but don’t strive for any idea of a perfect pose.

Too Cool for Props

Don’t skip on the props. When you are new to yoga poses, performing them could prove to be a little tricky as your body is not flexible enough yet.

So instead of forcing yourself to complete your yoga pose without any help, make sure you use a few props to give you some support. Everyone has a different body structure and limitations and props help to modify the pose to your needs.

Use blankets, straps, and blocks to support your body during yoga practice. Using a blanket or block as a prop in a seated position is not a sign of weakness but rather you being smart and avoiding injuries. Props help us in focusing on the correct body part so next time you think about losing those props, think again.


No Time to Relax

A lot of people don’t deem this necessary and tend to skip out on this. They’re  in a hurry to either leave to handle some “important” work or just want to get on to the next pose and be done with it. Yoga is an art which is not to be hurried, it’s important to take your time before each pose and give a chance to your body to relax.

After a yoga session, give your body a 5-minute rest and let it stimulate your nervous system back into coordination. Let your body get back to its original state lest you shall have uncharacteristically loose body parts. Just 5 minutes of cooling down can result in a day of happiness so do anything but don’t skip out on this.

I hope now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you will see how wonderfully yoga can benefit your body and mind. You will be able to see how beautifully yoga can transform you from a slacker to a fit and healthy person. So get up, do yoga and relax.

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