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Best Handheld GPS – Reviews and Top Picks for 2017

Looking for the best handheld GPS? Read our in-depth handheld GPS reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

For an ultimate hiking experience, a hiking backpack and a handheld GPS are a must, A global position system or GPS unit is a great way to get where you want to go when you are short on time. Having a hand-held model is an excellent idea because it allows you to have the world of GPS control at your fingertips for hikes, walks, and even car trips. There are many different types that you can choose to purchase, including those from some of the top manufacturers on the market today.

In this review, we are going to identify the seven best handheld GPS units for 2017. Each of these items is tested and approved to work simply and efficiently. In each write-up, you will learn more about each unit in a precise manner. For example, you will learn about the different features of each model and how they benefit you. In this way, you will have the best GPS experience possible.

So what exactly should you look for in a great GPS system? First of all, it is important to gauge the area they cover. Some GPS systems will be more limited than others. It is also crucial to understand the features that each has because some will be feature-laden while others will have very few. For some people, the most important consideration is likely to be the cost.

A Look At The Best GPS Units For 2017

Handheld GPSScreen Best FeatureBudgetRating
Garmin GPSMAP 64st2.6'' ScreenBluetooth Connectivity with phonePremium4.9/5
DeLorme AG-008727-2011.8'' ScreenEasy SOS TriggerPremium4.7/5
Garmin Foretrex 4012.2'' ScreenTracBack feature to retrace pathPremium4.5/5
Garmin E-Trex 10 Worldwide GPS2.2'' ScreenLong Battery LifeBudget4.3/5
Garmin ETrex 20x2.2'' ScreenGLONASS Satellites -
20% faster than GPS

#1 Pick: Garmin GPSMAP 64st Handheld GPS and GLONASS Receiver

Since 1989, Garmin has been producing high-quality electronic devices designed for a wide variety of purposes. These days, their most accessible units are like their GPS devices. Each of their models has been carefully designed to provide you with the highest level of control with the easiest possible maintenance method.

In fact, this particular model might just be their best choice yet.  It is one of the most expensive items on this list, but it is more than worth it. The features and benefits of this particular model far outweigh the few minor inconveniences that it provides.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Dual Battery System

The worst thing that could happen when driving somewhere new is running out of batteries in your GPS unit. While many models plug into a cigarette lighter, others require batteries. This fact is particularly the case of hand-held GPS units for hiking. In hiking situations, getting lost without a GPS can even be a life-threatening situation.

Thankfully, this model comes with two different battery systems. It uses two traditional AA batteries and an optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack. As a result, it is easy to swap out these batteries when one set dies and avoid getting lost. This feature is perfect for people who are taking off to the middle of nowhere and who need a little help getting home.

Garmin Connect

When you’re exploring the world with your GPS, you need to make sure you have the most up-to-date maps. Failure to have the highest-quality and most accurate maps will potentially leave you in a dangerous or even deadly situation. Thankfully, this Garmin GPS system avoids that by creating a wireless upload system. Garmin Connect is designed to upload data and display it on your Smartphone.

It can also share activities with Live Track and provide you with an easy way to show off your new travels. This fact is true if you hook it up to a high-quality Smartphone, as mentioned above. You can connect to social media sites, like Facebook, and upload pictures of your newest hikes or even videos as you explore the woods.

BirdsEye Satellite

The satellite system that hooks up to GPS systems helps to make it easier to gauge your location without a lot of complicated work. This Garmin unit uses BirdsEye Satellite Imagery to create an accurate and high-quality topographical map. Though you do need to purchase a yearly subscription to get these benefits, they do provide you with a multitude of options from which to choose.

As a result, you can create a great map with a minimum of fuss. Simply by connecting to the satellite and downloading the latest information, you can get an accurate and high-quality map that you can trust. That’s a big part of why we chose this Garmin GPS unit as our top model for the year 2017. It simply has all the bells and whistles.

Final Thoughts

As we said above, this is our top pick for the absolute best GPS on the market for this year. While its price may be quite high for some people, we believe that most will be willing to find a way to pay for it.

It has an excellent array of features, many of which we didn’t even touch on here, that propel it to the top of the pack. That said, there are still plenty of great options from which you can choose.

#2 Pick: DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer

DeLorme with over 11,000 associates and 60 offices around the globe has become a popular brand in the GPS navigation and wearable technology industry. The aim of the brand is to offer durable, well-designed and high tech products that offer value for money and the AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer is exactly that and while it’s on the higher-end of the price range it’s a buy you won’t regret and here’s why.

DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer

On the go SOS Button

With the InReach Explorer getting rescued in case of an emergency is easier as it comes with an SOS emergency that helps you communicate with GEOS, a 24-hour search, and rescue center using a Two Way Text Messaging feature that comes with preset texts for faster response and also notifies you for every message sent successfully.

You can type about 160 characters and connect with people through email or mobile numbers or best of all even make a few social media updates. The Iridium powered GPS System guarantees 100% connectivity.

Route Planning and GPS

The Explorer portal makes it easier to plan your hike or trek much in advance. You can color code the shorter and simpler paths and waypoints and then sync it with your device. For a topographic view of the route and easy tracking sync the device with the Earthmate app and connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

The MapShare allows you to send your exact location to your loved ones using GPS coordinates, course, elevation and speed. You can also send and receive messages, upload details about the route taken along with the waypoints on your blog, social media account or website using MapShare.

Final Thoughts

Well if you’re a newbie or planning for a dangerous hike and are worried about things turning ugly, the  DeLorme AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer offers the perfect solution but only if you’re willing to pay the price which is our opinion is justified due to top notch features like 100% coverage, 2 way messaging system, accurate GPS navigation etc. 

#3 Pick: Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

This model is the last Garmin we will highlight on our list, but it is one of the best. Garmin simply never does wrong with their GPS models. This specialty hiking GPS system is designed for campers who plan on spending a lot of time in the woods. Though more expensive than the cheapest Garmin examined, it is less pricey than the most expensive.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS

High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver

This great GPS system comes with HotFix, a system that helps improve its performance and reception. It’ll be easier for you to go under heavy tree cover and in deep canyons without having to worry about losing reception and getting lost.

Heart-Rate Monitor

When you’re hiking, it is important to make sure you aren’t working yourself too hard. That’s why the built-in heart-rate monitor of this GPS system is so great. While sold separately, it can be used to track your health and avoid the kind of heart problems that can be dangerous when hiking.

Route Tracking

Hikers love seeing where they have gone and knowing where they will go on their next hike. By using route tracking with this GPS, you can track your path in a way that makes it easy to follow. In this way, you create a fun and engaging GPS system that is easy to understand and useful for planning fun trips.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a big hiker that wants a GPS system that won’t get ruined in the rain, you can’t do much better than this model. Garmin is excellent at identifying a need and a particular group with their products. By investing in this product, you are getting a GPS that you can trust for a long time.

Budget Pick: Garmin E-Trex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

If you want a Garmin unit that is a little easier to afford, this model is typically available for less than $100. It is designed to provide you with a streamlined, but effective, GPS experience that will keep you safe and bring you home after a journey. It is also designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand to make it easier to display and control.

As a result, we have picked this as our budget choice for your GPS systems in 2017. While we know its features won’t be quite as exciting or as fulfilling for some people, we think that this model is still an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive GPS system that still provides a comprehensive and high-quality experience.

Garmin E-Trex 10 Worldwide

Preloaded Worldwide Map

One of the best features of this cute little GPS unit is its pre-loaded global map. This plan is designed to provide a base on which you can download your various maps from the GPS satellites. Using a base map like this helps to streamline the operation of the system by making it easier to install the data on the map and to display it in a useful way.

While this GPS unit doesn’t typically offer the option to download customized maps, it will regularly update the base chart. In this way, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money buying or designing your plans. Instead, you can get an adaptable and easy-to-read map that provides you with the best display possible.

WAAS-Enabled Receiver

Have you picked up a GPS system in the past only to get sick of waiting for it to download maps or sync up with its satellite? This GPS system helps avoid that problem by providing you with a GPS receiver that uses what are known as HotFix and GLONASS systems. These programs are designed to help provide a reliable signal and fast positioning results.

As a result, it is possible to end up in a very remote area and still receive a satellite signal. For people who love going into dangerous terrain or who go off the beaten path, this option can be a lifesaver. In fact, we recommend taking some time to try it out before going out into the woods. This action can help make it easier to work with this unit later.

Paperless Geocaching Options

Geocaching has become one of the most popular pastimes for world travelers. It works by allowing you to search specific coordinates to find various items left by other people.

For hikers who love getting out into the woods and exploring the wild, this system compels them to get out and have a lot of fun. With this GPS model, you can use the pre-loaded map as a paperless geocaching system.

By using the 2.2-inch monochrome display, you can identify the coordinates of a geocaching system and use it to locate your item. Then, you can convert your GPS unit back to its normal mode and find your way home. The primary benefit of this system is that it makes your GPS unit a lot more fun than it would be otherwise. Instead of just being a navigation unit, it can be a fun hiking tool.

Final Thoughts

We like this cheap GPS system a lot. While it’s not the most dazzling or diverse system on the market today, the price is right here. We suggest it for those who love geocaching or getting out in the world. It has many navigation options, which may not be as compelling as our top pick, but which still make it a safe and efficient tool for nature exploration.

#5 Pick: Standard Horizon HX870 Floating Handheld VHF with Internal GPS

Standard Horizon is a Japanese marine electronic manufacturer that looks to create the best systems in the world for your needs. For example, they have produced a variety of communication devices, many of which are used in the various boats in the Japanese military. However, their high-quality hand-held GPS systems are also quite robust and reliable for both marine communication and navigation.

Standard Horizon HX870

Receiver For Digital Calls

One of the nice things about this GPS system is that it can work as a simple communications device. In this way, you can stay in constant contact with people and find your way home if you end up lost. While you can use this system when you’re out in the wilderness, it is designed for marine use. It is set up for all of the benefits of marine communication.

Noise-Canceling Button

In a desperate situation, clear communication is essential. It requires finding a way to avoid the kind of static that can be problematic when you need to get home. The noise-canceling button of this system helps eliminate dangerous noise and protects you from a cut signal. In this way, you can communicate more efficiently and reduce the chance of getting lost.

Comfortable Display Screen

Another important aspect of an excellent GPS system is the ability to see the screen. With a side and bright screen that still fits in the palm of your hand, this unit provides you with many benefits. Best of all, it has been waterproofed to avoid damage and has a light enough body to be buoyant in dangerous waters. This option makes it our top pick for water-bound GPS systems.

Final Thoughts

While we ultimately think that this GPS is rather expensive, we do think that offers you the kind of great GPS that is right for your needs. It is particularly useful for those who plan on getting out on the water and doing a little exploring. Try it out if you’re a boater who wants to explore the ocean without the risk of ending up hopelessly lost.

#6 Pick: Garmin ETrex 20x Handheld GPS

We already discussed a budget model variety of this particular model earlier. This particular option is a little pricier than that model but still reasonably inexpensive. It also has many great benefits that make it stand out from other models on the market today. Here’s why we think the ETrex 20x is worth your time and money.

Garmin ETrex 20x

Huge Storage Area For Maps

When you’re exploring with your handheld GPS unit, it is nice to know that you have a variety of plans to study. This unit has a massive 3.7 GB storage area and a microSD slot that lets you load a variety of maps. It accepts BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT, HuntView, and many others.

Great Display

Although the display screen is still just over two inches in width, it has been designed to be easier to read. For example, it is now in color and bright enough to make it easy to read in the sun. Even better, it has an improved resolution of 240 by 320 pixels.

Secure Position Fixing

We already discussed HotFix and GLONASS early. These positioning systems make it easy to find where you are and keep your location in stressful situations. Thankfully, this model possesses this same system and uses it to protect you from painful circumstances.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this fun little navigation device has many of the same benefits of the ETrex 10x. However, it has a variety of other amenities that make it a more diverse and engaging unit. We think it is an overall better pick than that model, but its higher price keeps us from choosing it as a budget choice. That said, it is still cheap enough to make it easier to afford than other models on this list.


7 Best Mountain Bikes – Reviews and Top Picks for 2017

Looking for the best mountain bike? Read our in-depth mountain bike reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

The journey to purchasing a mountain bike begins with a budget and knowing what you want to use it for. The numerous choices that are on offer do not make it any easier, and one can get easily confused. The features that you would like your mountain bike to have are important and will narrow down your choices to a great extent.

The most reliable and quality road bikes or mountain bikes have steel or aluminum frames. A good quality mountain bike does not have to leave a hole in your pocket. There are good moderately priced mountain bikes out there.

A look at the best mountain bike reviews for 2017

Mountain BikeFrame MaterialSpeed ShiftingSuspensionBudgetRating
Diamondback Overdrive 29Aluminium8 SpeedHardtail SuspensionPremium4.9/5
OMAAI 27 SpeedCarbon Steel-Alloy27 SpeedFull SuspensionPremium4.7/5
Schwinn Protocol 1.0Aluminium24 SpeedHardtail SuspensionBudget4.5/5
Merax Finiss 26"Treated Aluminium21 SpeedSuspension ForkAffordable4.3/5
MINGDI 26” MTBCarbon Steel24 SpeedDual SuspensionAffordable4.1/5

#1 Pick: Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike is the best-performing mountain bike on the market currently and comes at a great bargain. It is challenging to find a good quality bike at this price, and that is the reason that it is our top recommendation.

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain


The riding position when on the overdrive is quite comfortable thanks to its great design. It is well stretched out and handles corners well while its WTB Wolverine wheels are well centered and balanced; the result is a smooth and comfortable ride.


The aluminum frame that has been used to build the overdrive is light and compact, giving this bike a secure feel. While the 29inch wheels will enable you to avoid obstacles easily and also come to a halt quickly.

Braking system

The Diamondback mountain bike is fitted with an efficient braking system which includes Tektro Drako hydraulic disc brakes which come with 6-inch rotors. These brakes are designed to bring large wheels to a stop from high velocity fast, especially the n level ground.


  • Has a right front suspension that absorbs any shock well.
  • It is moderately priced compared to other mountain bikes in the same category.
  • The tires have excellent traction, and this makes riding the overdrive a smooth and pleasant experience.


  • When it comes to assembling this mountain bike, you might require some technical know how or professional help.


This is a great bike at a great price. Its performance matches bikes in the same category that are ten times its price. The overdrive comes highly recommended if you are looking for quality at an affordable price.

#2 Pick: Merax Finiss 26″ 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

Built with an excellent support structure, the MeraxFiniss has a holding capacity of up to 330 pounds, making it a compact and reliable choice. It’s combined features give this bike an all-round persona coupled with incredible comfort. Whether on rocky or bumpy terrain, this mountain bike is built to tackle both with grace.

Merax Finiss Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike


The MeraxFiniss 26” is constructed using aluminum, making it light in weight and easy to control. A locked out suspension ensures that the risk of unpredictable obstacles, accidents, and rough terrain are significantly minimized. The handlebars have been designed in a way that they are comfortable to handle even on long rides and rough terrain.


Built from aluminum, the frame is extremely light making this bike easy to carry. The frame shape has great aerodynamics which makes riding the bike easy and less strenuous, as well as reaching high speeds faster.

Braking system

The bike’s superior disc brakes ensure that the rider is well protected and has stopping power within easy reach. This unit comes with front and rear disc brakes with the front brake designed to be less responsive to give the rider better control.


  • It comes with an adjustable seat for added comfort.
  • Due to its heat treated aluminum frame and rims, this bike is light, yet sturdy and compact.
  • It comes with an attractive and unique design.


  • The assembly of this bike is time-consuming and highly technical.


If you are looking for a functional and well-designed bike, this one is worth checking out. The safety features that range from the disc brakes to the lock suspension leaves any chance of mishaps significantly reduced.

#3 Pick: Merax Finiss 26″ 21 Speed Disc Brake Mountain Bike

The only difference between MeraxFiniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike and its predecessor is that the old model has alloy rims while this one does not. The build, design and most of the other features are similar.

Merax Finiss Disc Brake Mountain Bike


This bike is equipped with an 80mm suspension fork which equates to a smoother ride over bumpy ground and easier control. The front suspension supports the upper arm while the back suspension supports the lower body, giving you total control.


The MeraxFiniss has an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight and comes in three colors; white and blue, gray and green and finally black and red.  This gives the bike a stylish look in addition to having a sleek frame design. Aluminum can resist fractures better than alloys, and this is why the bikes made from aluminum are durable. The design of the frame is compatible with both tall and short riders, with the frame being 19 inches, while the tires are 26 inches.

Braking system

The MeaxFiniss is fitted with dual disc brakes that ensure the safety of the rider. The disc brake system is designed in a way that ensures stopping power despite how fast you may be riding.  The dual disc brakes are mostly found in high-end bike models, so it is exciting that a model at this price range is equipped with them.


  • The bike handles rough terrain extremely well.
  • Affordable and reliable.


  • The braking system squeals when it is new.


For inexperienced and mountain bike beginners, this is an ideal choice and an excellent bridge between the pricier models and the cheap ones. It has all the basics that one would need to master the thrill of mountain biking.

Budget Pick: Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster mountain bike was designed to tackle rough terrain and paved roads as well, making it an off and on road bike. The Roadmaster is a quality bike that can be purchased if you have a limited budget and in need of a good mountain bike.

Roadmaster Granite Peak


The standout feature about the Roadmaster is it’s suspension’s design on the front fork.  It ensures that when riding on rough and rugged terrain, your experience remains smooth and the bike is easily navigable.


The frame of the Roadmaster is constructed from steel with a geometric shape that complements the human form. It has been streamlined to allow for easy, smooth and comfortable riding to ensure you have complete control even on rugged terrain.

Braking system

When it comes to the brakes, the attention to detail is excellent as you can break instantly even when descending a steep slope. This is courtesy of the powerful linear pull brakes that respond efficiently even when you are at high speeds.


  • This bike is affordable yet of high quality.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The Roadmaster can be used on paved roads as well as on rough terrain.


  • The design of the seat makes it difficult to go for long-distance rides.


From the bike frame to the state-of-the-art craftsmanship, this is a bike that was made with quality, robust and durable materials yet affordable. The riders’ safety has also been well-considered thanks to the brake response time of this bike, which is instant.

#5 Pick: Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a bike for the adventurous at heart and comes with a host of features that ensure your outdoor rides are comfortable, smooth and provide the much-needed kick. With a 3.8 out of 5 rating and over 120 reviews, this is a bike worth checking out.

Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike


Loaded with 24-speed Shinamo shifters, the power that this bike provides stands out and is its main selling point. It also boasts of a sturdy aluminum frame and a front disc brake that gives you total control. The Suntour suspension fork that the Schwinn mountain bike is fitted with ensures a smooth ride even in the most rugged conditions.


The frame is rust-resistant and quite stable as it can support a weight of up 220 pounds. This also means that rough terrain is not a problem to this bike and the sturdy frame also ensures a smooth ride where other bikes can not venture.

Braking system

This mountain bike uses the Promax disc brake system which has efficient and prompt stopping power. It is also durable and of high-quality ensuring your safety despite the speeds you reach.


  • The gear shifting with this bike is flawless enabling an extra smooth ride.
  • It is quite stable and has high handling properties.
  • The brakes are very responsive and reliable.


  • The bike has no a place to hold a pump or bottle of water.


The Schwinn mountain bike provides a broad range of riding possibilities. It handles all terrain well; from street riding to trail and downhill riding, this is a bike that has no limitations and for all occasions.

#6 Pick: Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension mountain bike is designed in a unique, eye-catching design that is attractive and attention-grabbing. With a 3.5 out of 5-star rating, the performance of this bike is relatively good and worth giving a shot.

Stowabike 26″ 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike


The 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist is commonly found in most mountain bikes and makes shifting quick and easy. The aluminum suspension frame improves performance while the front and rear alloy brakes make up for the lack of advanced features. The Mongoose Impasse comes with Element Suspension Fork which improves performance on rocky terrain.


The aluminum build offers good durability and comfort on light terrains and does not break down easily thus saving you maintenance or repair cost. Yes, it adds to the weight but keeps the since it’s sturdier it offers better control. Also, the frame is rust-resistant.

Braking system

The front and rear alloy disc brakes are the standout features of the Mongoose Impasse and perform efficiently on inclines, declines, muddy trails and even the worst of weather conditions.


  • Affordability
  • It’s Lightweight
  • Comes with aluminum suspension frame


  • Assembly can be tedious and required find tuning
  • Poor Design


For a mountain bike under $200 the Mongoose Impasse offers great comfort and control and while it may lack certain features of high-end bikes, it’s got all the basics right and thus the perfect bike for any beginner or for less bumpy terrain rides.

#7 Pick: Stowabike 26″ 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

For both on and off the road, the Stowabike is in a league of its own due to the unique features it possesses. Due to this fact, it has been the subject of over 200 reviews as many people find it fascinating.


Due to its versatility and folding ability, the Stowabike is very good at maneuvering in small cramped spaces. Its ability to weave through traffic is impressive, making up for its lack of speed.


When it comes to its design, this bike is unique in more ways than one. For example, the slight depression at the center of the frame makes it more comfortable for shorter people to enjoy a ride. The frame is constructed from steel, yet it is light in weight.

Braking system

The Stowabike comes with steel v-brakes that are very responsive and require little maintenance compared to other mountain bikes. Due to the bikes ability to perform well in cramped up spaces; the brakes are instant and highly effective.


  • Its 18 gear system provides for the smooth performance of the bike, especially in rough terrain.-It is fitted with alloy body spring shocks which absorb any hard impact.
  • The folding ability makes it easy to fit in your car trunk and carry it wherever you want.


  • The frame is made from steel making it quite thick.
  • The brakes are fragile and should be used politely.


At the price that the Stowabike goes for, it ‘s hard to find a cheaper and better quality folding bike. Although it is not built for the passionate mountain biker, it is quite sturdy and handles rugged terrain pretty well.


Best Hiking Backpack – Reviews and Top Picks for 2017

Looking for the best hiking backpack? Read our in-depth hiking backpack reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Can’t wait for your next adventure into the wide open spaces of America’s National Parks or losing yourself on a distant mountain peak? You might be looking for a handheld GPS or a hiking backpack ready to be filled with five days worth of clothes, food, sleeping bag, and hiking gear.

Which one do you get? You know it needs to be big, versatile and light enough for long treks up rugged trails. We’ve brought together some of the best packs on the market and completed product reviews in one easy place to help you make a smart and informed choice for your busy lifestyle. Read on and find the best hiking backpack that will fit your budget, vacation plans, and size.

You know it needs to be big, versatile and light enough for long treks up rugged trails. We’ve brought together some of the best packs on the market and completed product reviews in one easy place to help you make a smart and informed choice for your busy lifestyle. Read on and find the best hiking backpack that will fit your budget, vacation plans, and size.

Best Hiking Backpacks for 2017

Hiking BackpackCapacityBest FeatureBudgetRating
Osprey Men's Atmos 65 AG65 LitresTrekking Pole AttachmentPremium4.9/5
Osprey Aether 70 LitresMost SpaciousPremium4.8/5
Venture Pal Travel Hiking Backpack35 LitresLightweight/FoldableBudget4.6/5
Maxpedition Falcon-II25 LitresGreat DurabilityPremium4.5/5
TETON Sports Scout 340055 LitresIntegrated rainflyMid-Range4/5

#1 Pick: Osprey Men’s Atmos 65 AG Backpacks

For years Osprey has been producing quality hiking equipment for the experienced outdoorsman.  They thoroughly test all of their designs with real-world situations to ensure that you are receiving a backpack ready to head out for a full week of rugged exploration without slowing you down.  The Atmos provides a roomy pack ready to stow your sleeping back, clothes, food, water, and first aid kit in a well-balanced unit making it our top recommendation.

Osprey Men's Atmos 65 AG Backpacks

Dual Zippered Front Pockets Provide Easy Access to Priority Supplies

Perfectly situated in the middle of the front of the back, two zippered pockets are ready to be used for small and important items.  The large zipper allows you to stow your cell phone, a quick snack, a roll of rope or other small gear. Protected from the elements, its tough nylon shell outperforms the other mesh pockets located on the sides.

Removable Floating Lid Helps You Slim Down on Short Hikes

Are you heading out for an afternoon and leaving most of your equipment at the base camp? Zip-off the floating lid and leave it behind.  What makes the Atmos lid unique is that the fly-cover to protect the entire pack during a rain shower is mounted into the main unit, not the lid.  Convert your Atmos into a daypack, stuff the floating lid to use as a pillow, and head out for easy exploration without the full-sized pack on your back.

Stow-on-the-Go Straps Free Up Your Hands

How many times have to been marching along and want to put away your hiking poles or an extra layer, but first you have to call a halt to order to unzip and fit the extra item inside your pack?

Don’t do it.  With the Atmos, there are several elastic straps and loops convenient located for you to reach with even skipping a step.  Simply stow your poles in the convenient strap and keep on walking.  When the hill gets steep again, they are only a grab away.


Like its big brother the Aether, the Atmos offers adjustable sizing through the full clothing range up to XL.  However, don’t order a pack based on your T-shirt size as it’s likely to feel too small.  Try one on at a sporting goods store first. You do pay premium bucks for an Osprey pack, so make sure you are going to get plenty of use out of this purchase.

#2 Pick: Osprey Aether 70-Litre Backpack

Osprey continues to expand their selection of outdoor equipment with several lines of backpacks ready to tackle those long hikes through the backcountry. The Aether delivers a few extras you won’t find on other units and is large enough to fit in everything you need.

Osprey Aether 70-Litre Backpack

Fully Adjustable Frame Fitted for You

Osprey has created the LiteWire alloy wire frame that fits and flexes with your body all day long.  Designed to evenly distribute the load between hips and shoulders, you’ll be able to hike all day long without your body wearing out. From extra small to extra-large, the fully adjustable mesh straps can be positioned to allow you the full range of motion while maintaining a position as you climb over mountains and streams.

Huge Capacity is Well Balanced for Long Hikes

The 70-litre capacity features more room for all your gear.  Meanwhile, the carefully positioned pockets and straps ensure that the whole pack stays perfectly positioned.

You won’t wear down from the fatigue of carrying too much gear, as the belts allow your body to evenly wear the weight. Divided large compartments help you sort clothes, sleeping bag and food.  Exterior zippers allow easy access to snacks and hydration.

On-the-Fly Attachments Never Slow You Down

The versatile design allows you to position straps as you need them on the outside of the large backpack.  Stow your walking poles without skipping a step, clip on a water bottle or slip your sweater into an oversized out pocket without pausing on the trail.  You’ll never have to stop to unload in order find a balanced position for the camera you no longer need to carry.

In the end, you can’t beat the Osprey Aether 70-litre backpack for size, versatility, fit and performance.  Ready to take years of rugged excitement, it is well worth the investment for the serious explorer.

Budget Pick: Venture Pal Lightweight  Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

If you love hiking, you love traveling.  However, packing your usual gear when flying can be a real pain.  Venture Pal has put together this economical roll-up day pack ready to be deployed for a day of exploring when you are far away from your regular hiking supplies.

Venture Pal Lightweight  Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Lightweight Design Folds Up for Easy Packing

Without spending too much, you can add the Venture Pal to your hiking kit. It has no metal frame and constructed out of lightweight but durable nylon, ready to be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket of your luggage.

Pull it out, shake it, stuff it, and you are ready to climb over ancient ruins or an enormous adventure park for the day.  It literally weighs only a few ounces, so won’t impact weight limits when deciding what you can bring with you on your trip.

Plenty of Room for Snacks, Sweaters, and Gear

With overall dimensions of 20-inches high and 13-inches wide, there is room for the extra sweater, a small laptop, snacks, and hydration pack without blinking.  Zippered inside pockets keep pens, memory sticks, and first aid in easy reach. Outside mesh pockets are perfect for stowing a bottle of water. There is a movable divider in the main compartment, ready to separate your wet bathing suit from dry clothes as needed.

Breathable Mesh Lets You Wear it All Day

The wide mesh straps deliver a comfortable fit with ventilation so you don’t sweat from just wearing it for the afternoon. Once the pack is fully loaded, it has an ergonomic shape ready to remain balanced reducing your fatigue after a whole day on the move. Meanwhile, the rugged nylon is water resistant ready to run through a shower while keeping your gear dry.  The elastic loop on the front is perfect for hiking poles or your umbrella.

In the end, the Ventura Pal Daypack is an excellent buy for the price ready to explore with you on a moments notice without slowing down your worldwide trip.

#4 Pick: Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Maxpedition took their styling cues from the hunting and military group with its rugged, camouflage color inspired design that looks all business and backs it up with all the versatility you need.  Opting for a square and functional shape, straps are wide and made out of military-grade nylon.  Even the Falcon-II backpack’s name sounds like it is ready to get down and dirty.

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Rugged Construction Stands Up to Long Journeys

Created for the urban explorer, the Falcon-II features a roomy main compartment and two rectangular front pockets that are ready to fit and protect your laptop and other devices. Squared off corners are all reinforced to stand up to plenty of rigorous movement and sudden impacts. Clips, buckles, and zippers ensure that everything stays exactly where you intend when you head out for the day.

Water and Weather Resistant Materials Keep Your Gear Dry

Maxpedition added 1050-Denier nylon that easily sheds water and even resists penetrating mist.  The zippers are double sealed to further block out moisture from seeping into the pack while you navigate the back country. Buckles are constructed out of heavy-duty plastics that will never rust or fall prey to mold and mildew.

Expandable Space in a Compact Design

Instead of expanding up as so many long-distance packs do, when you need more room on the Falcon, pop open the front compartments.  They expand outward and will never increase the width of the pack.  You’ll always have full-motion for your arms while the extra snacks, sweater, or shoes have a space to ride until you reach the night’s camp.


Many users have noted that the compact design does not truly work for their larger and taller body size.  The frame is not adjustable.  While extra long straps allow for wider chests, they don’t have anywhere to be stored for shorter individuals.  Make sure to try this one on before you buy.

 #5 Pick: Osprey Packs Talon 22 Backpack

You don’t need a massive backpack when you are taking an afternoon to check out the local park system.  The Osprey Talon 22 offers all the room you need for safe hiking supplies with the same careful construction offered in their full-size units. When you use your bicycle to commute or simply spend your days running around town, do it in total comfort with a premium pack from Osprey.

Osprey Packs Talon 22 Backpack

Perfectly Sized for Day Tripping Expeditions

The pack has a 22-liter capacity, ready to fit your small devices, wallet, keys, and an afternoon snack or all the space needed for a hydration pack, lunch, a thermal layer and a first aid kit. There are two side zippered pockets for easy access when on the move.  There are loops and straps to hook walking poles, umbrellas, or your selfie-stick.

LidLock Helmet Attachment for Pausing on Bike Commutes

What do you do with your bike helmet when you stop for lunch?  Add the quick LidLock attachment and hook your helmet to your Talon.  You’ll never forget it on the counter at the coffee shop again. This unique option is not found on any other pack in the market.

Airscape Back Panel Keeps You Cool and Dry

Osprey included all the same technology applied to their large packs to the smaller Talon, including the Airscape mesh straps that provide ventilation all along your back.

Instead of building up the sweat, you’ll feel cooler and drier as you tackle that next boulder.  Secure straps ensure that the pack is balanced on your back without hindering your hip or arm movement. You’ll wonder why you ever day tripped without your Talon.


You will always pay a premium to add an Osprey to your outdoor equipment collection. This is not intended for overnight hiking as it is much smaller with no room for bedding and an extra change of clothes. As with most packs, sizing tends to run smaller so select yours carefully for the best fit.

#6 Pick: TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

If you are not into the hardcore long-distance hiking and camping scene, you may not want to invest hundreds into your backpack, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a roomy pack ready to head out for a weekend at the lake or a quick trip to the islands.  Teton works to produce good quality sports gear that will meet most requirements but isn’t ready for marathons over rugged mountains.

TETON Sports Scout 3400

Explore without Blowing the Budget

Are you taking a bucket-list ride down the river on a white water raft and don’t expect to return to the great outdoors anytime soon? That is when you should be considering the Sports Scout 3400.

This large pack has a roomy compartment for the sleeping bag and dividers for your clothes, toiletries, and first aid kit.  There is space for water bottles, keys, wallet, and other small articles in a lightweight and adjustable pack. You will be pleasantly surprised at everything it can do without emptying out the checking account.

Top Expands for Extra Room

The top compartment has plenty of space for those extra layers you might need during the day.  It also readily expands so you can add a pair of shoes or your lunch kit without unpacking the whole piece.  It closes with an adjustable drawstring that clips into place on the front.  Elastic loops on the side are perfect for your water bottle or hiking poles.

Rain Cover Protects Your Gear

Every unit comes with a free rain cover, which is often an inexpensive but additional cost on most backpacks.  This thin piece collapses into a towable piece that rolls out to protect the entire pack when you encounter a determined rain storm ready to soak everything in camp. The internal frame stands up to a decent amount of abuse.


This is not designed to climb Mount Everest or spend days hiking the Adirondack Trail.  The straps and elastic loops are known to give out after a short expedition.  It is slightly smaller than other large packs and does come with adjustable waist and shoulder straps, but it is only made in one size.  It’s a great option when kitting out the teens out for weekend adventures at the family campground.


Best Foam Roller – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017

Looking for the best foam roller? Read our in-depth foam roller reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Searching for that ultimate Foam Roller to compliment your exercise intensity?  The reviews are in to help you make the perfect decision to meet your workout needs.  Check out the recommendations complete with prices, sizes, styles and more to help you make the right choice for your body.

If your workout resembles a full-time job, chances are you are lifting hard and heavy.  At the end of each extreme training session you want a Foam that releases muscle tension, relaxes tendons and ligaments to increase your next extreme workout’s performance then look no further than the Vyper.

If the word you use to describe your workout is dedicated, not extreme, then yes you need a Foam roller at the end of your workout too, but something more budget-friendly yet still effective in delivering muscle relief results, then Amazon Basics Roller may be a better fit for you.

There are many Foam Rollers to choose from.  Features include size, firmness, cost, performance, are just some questions to consider when selecting the right choice for you.

We have reviewed and tested the most popular Foam Rollers and feature the top  6 of the best in 2017.  This product review is just what you need to make the right selection and investment to keep your workout routines as extreme or consistent as you need it to be.

Best foam rollers to buy in 2017

Foam RollersTypeBest FeatureBudgetRating
HyperIce VyperVibrating Foam RollerVibration & rotation relax musclesPremium4.9/5
Trigger PointGrid Foam RollerHighly DurablePremium4.8/5
Amazon BasicsHigh Density Round RollerIdeal FirmnessBudget4.6/5
Deep Tissue Foam RollerEngages wide musclesMid-Range4.6/5
OPTP PROStandard Density Foam RolleMulti-purpose RollerMid-Range4.2/5

#1 Pick: HyperIce Vyper – Vibrating Foam Roller

HyperIce Vyper - Vibrating Foam Roller

Muscle relaxation

A product designed to enhance fitness performance by releasing muscle tension, relaxing tendons and ligaments is an exerciser’s dream product.  Today, working out takes on a whole new commitment level.  People are exercising and giving it everything that they have got.

Pushing their bodies to reach peak performance levels is found in the gym area and the converted garage gym.  With fitness boundaries being explored, people need a product to help their bodies recover faster so they can exercise another day.  That product is the Vyper.

Pushing their bodies to reach peak performance levels is found in the gym area and the converted garage gym.  With fitness boundaries being explored, people need a product to help their bodies recover faster so they can exercise another day.  That product is the Vyper.


Its technology design is an extremely firm foam roller powered by a lithium-ion core This 3-speed setting recovery roller is engineered with cutting edge technology that blends fitness and recovery into a roller device that uses pressure and vibration to improve overall body performance.  Performance is improved because the Vyper releases muscle pain which reduces soreness and stiffness.


High impact and intensive workouts are everywhere today.  People need a product like the Vyper to use as their personal massage therapist tool for lasting relief that is instantly felt the moment you start using it.  Roller therapy is taken to the next level with Vyper.

You can tackle your strenuous workouts with no worries when you use the Vyper.  Its vibration and rotation combo makes it an amazing device for muscle recovery.  You can even use it before your workout to increase your flexibility by warming up your muscles with more effectively.

You can tackle your strenuous workouts with no worries when you use the Vyper.  Its vibration and rotation combo makes it an amazing device for muscle recovery.  You can even use it before your workout to increase your flexibility by warming up your muscles with more effectively.


Vyper takes foam roller therapy to the next level.  Its firm foam roller powered by a lithium-ion core makes this an exerciser’s go to for recovery.  Vyper is a firm device but feels great on your body.

This means you can expect it to deliver recovery results and you don’t have to do the rolling; it does it for you.  You just find the spot on your body you want to target and Vyper does the rest. This is the last recovery product you need to buy.

This means you can expect it to deliver recovery results and you don’t have to do the rolling; it does it for you.  You just find the spot on your body you want to target and Vyper does the rest. This is the last recovery product you need to buy.

The reviews are in and exercisers love and rate the Vyper 4.8.  This device loosens every muscle to stretch it and release tension.  Its vibration and rotating features work to warm muscles up and loosen them.  Flexibility and range of motion both are improved which allows the trainer to achieve a more effective workout.

#2 Pick: Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Tension Tamer

Dense, tight muscles, tendons and ligaments get a great deep tissue massage with Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller.  If you have been searching for a high-density foam roller to improve your muscle mobility then Trigger Point Grid is right for you.

Trigger Point Grid’s exterior is covered with knobby nodules yet, the Grid rolls well.  That means your body’s muscles benefit from each rolling encounter.  Muscle tension, tendons, and ligaments are relaxed for greater workout performance.  The exterior’s knobs are different levels to give the sensation of fingers massaging sore muscles.  The pain felt during your time with Grid is rewarded with a swifter, longer lasting recovery.

The exterior’s knobs are different levels to give the sensation of fingers massaging sore muscles.  The pain felt during your time with Grid is rewarded with a swifter, longer lasting recovery.

The sturdy construction of the Trigger Point Grid holds its form under pressure of large muscles.  It is priced mid-range along-side other high-density foam roller.  But keep in mind that the Trigger Point Grid is not just hollow, it features knobs of different levels to really work into your muscles.

It comes on one side but It’s compact which makes it easy to bring your own right in your gym bag.  Its design focuses on heavy, dense muscle tissue so target areas on your body where you believe muscles need extra pressure and attention.

It comes on one side but It’s compact which makes it easy to bring your own right in your gym bag.  Its design focuses on heavy, dense muscle tissue so target areas on your body where you believe muscles need extra pressure and attention.

Design features

Trigger Point Grid is made with a patented foam to bring levels of density on the exterior of its ridged hollow center.  This material is designed to hold its shape even after repeated use.

Covering the foam is a knobby exterior for extra firmness.  It holds up to 500 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.  This gives extreme and hardcore exercisers a product that goes deep into their knotted muscles and delivers mobility.

Covering the foam is a knobby exterior for extra firmness.  It holds up to 500 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.  This gives extreme and hardcore exercisers a product that goes deep into their knotted muscles and delivers mobility.

Designed to perform

If you are looking for a roller that is versatile, lightweight, made with high-density compressed foam and affordable then you must check out Trigger Point Grid.  This does it you massage roller is designed to help your muscles move more freely and easily.  Priced mid-range with a whopping rating 4.8 you want to invest in this roller because it works.

Budget Pick: Amazon Basics – Round Foam Roller

Amazon Basics – Round Foam Roller

Effective and budget friendly

People committed to exercising daily know the body cannot help but have aches and pains.  It is a byproduct of exercise.  Foam rollers play a significant role in relieving those aches and pains, but some can be quite costly.

Others, like the Amazon Basics Roller, is an affordable tool designed to help speed muscle recovery.  At $18.99 with a 4.6 rating; it is a cost friendly foam roller used to reach those tight muscles and tendons for better performance and recovery.

Others, like the Amazon Basics Roller, is an affordable tool designed to help speed muscle recovery.  At $18.99 with a 4.6 rating; it is a cost friendly foam roller used to reach those tight muscles and tendons for better performance and recovery.


Amazon Basics Roller is made of quality high-density foam with molded edges for durability that lasts for years to come.  It keeps its shape even after heavy use and is great for all body types.

It’s also light weight so it travels well.  With a 4.1 rating, there is a 12, 18 and 36inch roller to choose from.  It is a product you can take anywhere and instantly give yourself a pain relieving massage. It is one of the firmest foam rollers you can buy.

With a 4.1 rating, there is a 12, 18 and 36inch roller to choose from.  It is a product you can take anywhere and instantly give yourself a pain relieving massage. It is one of the firmest foam rollers you can buy.

Muscle Restoration

The Amazon Basics Foam Roller is capable of relieving muscle soreness. It is made from polypropylene, one of the most versatile types of plastics.  This means it is strong and durable enough to reach those muscle knots and relax them away.

This roller does the job and does it well.  Kinks and knots are released which relaxes tight muscles so you can perform better.  A deep tissue massage has nothing on this product.  It relieves the aches and pains from your muscles.  Once released, your performance should improve greatly.

Without proper muscle relaxation, workout performance suffers.  This is especially true with today’s extreme workout regimens.  Amazon Basics Foam Roller comes to the rescue for speedier recovery between workouts.

Without proper muscle relaxation, workout performance suffers.  This is especially true with today’s extreme workout regimens.  Amazon Basics Foam Roller comes to the rescue for speedier recovery between workouts.

USA product

Another great feature is the number of sizes to choose from.  Purchase a 12, 18 and 36inch roller for a complete variety of sizes to target all muscle areas.  Amazon Basics Foam Roller is made in the USA.

If you want a product home-grown and reasonably priced, then Amazon Basics is for you.  It is quality made to perform and last.  This product effectively aides in your muscle recovery and improves flexibility, all at an affordable price.

If you want a product home-grown and reasonably priced, then Amazon Basics is for you.  It is quality made to perform and last.  This product effectively aides in your muscle recovery and improves flexibility, all at an affordable price.

#4 Pick: RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Foam Roller

RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Muscle Release

The last thing exercisers want to do is have an ineffective workout session due to muscle soreness.  The Rumble Roller deep tissue is the ultimate game changer in muscle release.  Having a product that is just bigger and harder is not the answer.

You want flexible knobs that not only roll but go deep enough to release muscle pain.  If you train then you are in pain.  You need a product that keeps your body lose with less tension.  You want Rumble Roller deep tissue as our product of choice every day because it works.

Having a product that is just bigger and harder is not the answer.  You want flexible knobs that not only roll but go deep enough to release muscle pain.  If you train then you are in pain.  You need a product that keeps your body lose with less tension.  You want Rumble Roller deep tissue as our product of choice every day because it works.

The Rumble Roller technology is patented to act like a massage tool.  Its design is a combination of firmness, durability, and shape.  This becomes a great tool to effectively improve your performance by relaxing and release muscle tension and knots.  The Rumble Roller comes complete with a quick start guide to ensure you get the most out of every roll.

Designed technology

Designed with firm bumps that are flexible like thumbs of a massage therapist.  Nobs are designed are asymmetrical in shape so they flex easily in any direction.  This 4.6 rating product comes in two sizes; both sizes are quite equipped and effective.  The price of the Rumble Roller is mid-range. If your budget affords one, either size is capable to meet the massage demand.

Easy to use

Customers everywhere are pleased and satisfied with the results from the Rumble Roller deep tissue. It may look a little bumpy, but oh how those bumps feel like massaging thumbs.  Muscles enjoy the kneading sensation typically experienced during a massage session.

It does not just roll over and muscle it embeds in it.  This stretches muscle tissue in many directions for maximum release.  This is how knots and pressure points get restored and flexibility improves.  Bottom line, this is what every exercise is looking for when it comes to having that extreme workout.

Muscles enjoy the kneading sensation typically experienced during a massage session.  It does not just roll over and muscle it embeds in it.  This stretches muscle tissue in many directions for maximum release.  This is how knots and pressure points get restored and flexibility improves.  Bottom line, this is what every exercise is looking for when it comes to having that extreme workout.

In order for muscles to move more easily and freely, they must be stretched.  You can use the included guide to see how to work many muscles that often need stretching that you may not currently do.  This product feature helps many exercisers receive maximum muscle release and penetration for relaxation.

#5 Pick: RumbleRoller – Muscle Foam Roller

RumbleRoller - Muscle Foam Roller

Massager Therapy

Experienced exercisers know that all rollers are not the same.  Size, density, and diameter matter when it comes to reaching and releasing those muscles.  Rumble Roller tweaked their product to make just the right changes that make all the difference.

With the Rumble, Roller muscles feel better longer.  The large knob design mimics thumbs all over it to feel like a massage.  As it rolls over your muscles you get the sensation of hands doing the work instead of the roller.  The knobs are flexible so they mold your muscles as it rolls over them.

With the Rumble, Roller muscles feel better longer.  The large knob design mimics thumbs all over it to feel like a massage.  As it rolls over your muscles you get the sensation of hands doing the work instead of the roller.  The knobs are flexible so they mold your muscles as it rolls over them.

The Rumble Roller’s knobs are heightened to deliver deeper penetration with every roll.  Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not just pushed, but get kneading to break up knots and smooth out muscle tissue.  Another benefit of the knobs depth is the product’s ability to perform well on all body parts.  It really gets into the nooks and crannies of the body.

Use your Rumble Roller to roll up and down, side to side and just cover every inch of muscle territory. You are reminded of a massage session because the knobs feel like thumbs working their way into your muscle tissue.  It is a soothing and enjoyable experience every hardcore and easy going exercise should have.

It really gets into the nooks and crannies of the body.  Use your Rumble Roller to roll up and down, side to side and just cover every inch of muscle territory. You are reminded of a massage session because the knobs feel like thumbs working their way into your muscle tissue.  It is a soothing and enjoyable experience every hardcore and easy going exercise should have.

Patent Design

The Rumble Roller is covered with a pattern of textured bumps of various levels.  These nodules are firm but flexible to so they give the sensation of a massage from a therapist’s thumbs.  Built with durable materials to last and last.  This 4.7 rating product is priced mid-range at $45.00.  It is even backed by a 3-year warranty.

Ultimate self-massage

Get the body and muscle massage you have been searching for in a product with the Rumble Roller.  Committed exercisers know the value of a good massage.  It takes their next workout to a higher level.

The use of Rumble Roller foam allows you to manipulate your muscles to reach and release the pain.  The range of motion and flexibility improve so you can experience real muscle freedom during your workout.

The use of Rumble Roller foam allows you to manipulate your muscles to reach and release the pain.  The range of motion and flexibility improve so you can experience real muscle freedom during your workout.

The goal of every foam roller is deep muscle, tendon and ligament relaxation; that is what you get with Rumble Roller.  This self-applied muscle therapy helps reduce your risk of injury.

A body that is warmer and more flexible performs better and recovers at a more efficient rate. This is just one of many reasons why you need a Rumble Roller before, during and after your workout.

#6 Pick: OPTP PRO-Standard Density Foam Roller

OPTP PRO-Standard Density Foam Roller

Improve flexibility

Use the OPTP Pro-Roller as a massage to keep your muscles relaxed for maximum exercise performance.  Daily usage of the foam improves and builds flexibility and improve your overall range of motion.  This means less soreness and possible reduction in injury.  This is because the Pro-Roller warms up the muscles first for greater performance.

Relaxed muscles make any workout performance better.  People committed to fitness use the OPTP Pro-Roller for its soft but supportive form.  Rated at a 4.6, the OPTP Pro-Roller is priced mid-range.  This roller was designed to increase the range of motion and flexibility while gently massaging your muscles.

Engineered Design

This roller is made of high-quality material to create a product that is durable and long lasting.  Its technology consists of cross-linked, closed-cell construction which makes it durable but also soft.

Pain therapy

Users love the OPTP Pro-Roller for so much more than muscle relaxation.  The Roller proves effective in relieving pain due to chronic injuries.  The product is more user-friendly for fitness and exercise buffs that are just as committed to exercise as extreme trainers.  Because of their versatile use of massaging muscles and easing the pain, they are used daily.  They are easy to clean so you can use it over and over again.


Best Exercise Bikes – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017

Looking for the best exercise bikes? Read our in-depth exercise bike reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Whether you have a bad back, weak knees, painful joints, want great legs, or just need to get in some good cardio, various stationary exercise bikes are some of the best cardio machines other than exercise bike elliptical machines are also highly recommended for cardio exercise. There are countless benefits to utilizing exercise bikes – burn calories, lessen the impact cardio tends to have on the joints, exercise the heart, and much more.

That’s not to mention the benefits of stationary bikes, the biggest being you don’t even have to leave your house to get a full workout in. Take a look at the reviews for our top exercise bike picks so that you can see the individual benefits of each bike and come to a well-researched and knowledgeable decision about the exercise bike that’s right for you.


Top Recommended Spin Bikes for 2017

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle BlackIncredibly durableBluetooth Wireless TechnologyPremium4.9/5
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle- 49lbHeavy duty steel frame49lb Chromed FlywheelMedium4.7/5
Sunny Health & Fitness ProHeavy-duty crankSmooth Chain Drive MechanismAffordable4.6/5

#1st Recommendation: Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

Made in the USA, the indoor spin cycle by Keiser is durable, smooth, and almost entirely maintenance free. With an intelligent magnetic resistance that’s functional and whisper-quiet, you have a wide range of resistance and speed in which you can ride. The sleek, modern design of the M3i Indoor Cycle in cool Raven Black is just one of the many reasons it’s a consumer favorite, with a beaming 4.6-star rating out over one hundred customer reviews.

Tech Advancements

The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle model is part of a series of cardio models that work in sync with the Keiser M Series fitness app. This means by connecting a computer via Bluetooth, you can track various data (such as miles ridden, calories burned, max heart rate, and more). You can also truly immerse yourself in a 3D cycling experience and forget that you’re using a stationary bike at the house using the BKOOL cycling simulator.

Functionality in Mind

 understands that every cycle’s riding method is different, so they’ve allowed for a 4-way handlebar as well as precise seat adjustments, allowing you to tailor the bike to your perfect comfortable fit. Additionally, there is a water bottle holder so you don’t have to be interrupted when you’re in need of hydration, along with adjustable seat wheels to make it easy to transport. All in all, the Keiser M3i is our top recommendation because it has everything you could want for a stationary bike, wrapped into one convenient cardio machine.

#2 Recommendation: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49lb

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer - 49lb

With a beaming 4.3-star rating out of over 700 customer reviews, the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer is definitely one of our top picks. Many customers with verified purchases state that this is the perfect cycle for a “serious” cyclist, but also recommended for beginners and everyone in between. Additionally, doing the assembly yourself has taken the average customer a breezy 10 minutes to finish, so this cycle was built with at-home workouts in mind.

Built to Last

The heavy duty steel frame that makes up the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer with the 49-pound flywheel was created with durability in mind. The 49-pound flywheel means excellent resistance training for an intense cardio session. The resistance is adjustable, for all levels of fitness, with an easy-to-use press down brake system. With its heavy duty nature at the forefront, you can easily see this cycle was built from quality materials. Proper maintenance and upkeep of this cycle will easily make it last a decade or more so you can get the best workout right in your home.

Supreme Portability and Convenience

The portability wheels on the back end of this indoor cycle trainer allow for a simple tilt and roll to move the cycle. You don’t have to get any more of a workout than you have to – forget about lifting or straining just to move the bike from one room to the next. This is portability made easy. Likewise, the metal bottle holder just above the flywheel allows you to keep your much-needed beverage at your side. Hydration, like this, is just an arm’s length away.

#3 Recommendation: Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

The cycle without the extra set of resistance weight attached to it, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike has a basic 22-pound flywheel for everyday cardio and exercise. An Amazon Favorite top pick, this indoor cycle has over 800 reviews with a shining 4.2-star rating overall. A common trend for customers is how easy the assembly is (since it already comes partially assembled), as well as the quality for the price. It’s comparable to indoor cycles in the $3000 to $4000 price range, according to more than one customer review.

Ultra Silent Riding

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is so whisper quiet that you’re able to immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing, whether that be just listening to music or riding through a virtual interactive route. The build is sturdy and solid without having to sacrifice any noise control. Truly, whether you’ve got the seat adjusted up high or as low down as possible, the well-balanced, quiet ride will leave you with a feeling of tranquility when you’ve finished your cardio.

Quality Materials for the Price

As you know, you can spend upwards of thousands of dollars for a good indoor stationary bike. On the contrary, though, you don’t have to give up quality just to find a more affordable option when it comes to the standard Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. Rather, for under $200 (with free shipping), you get a non-flimsy, reliably durable indoor cycle with a small computer that tracks data such as speed, distance, and time. There’s a brake system, a resistance knob, and even small, portable wheels so that you don’t have to do any uncomfortable dragging or lifting just to move the bike across the room.

Finally, you can take fitness into your own hands, even if you’re just starting out, with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike that’s got it all. When even the assembly is made easy with a step-by-step instruction and labeled screws, this stationary spin bike is a perfect addition to any at-home gym or fitness studio.



Top Recommended Upright Bikes for 2017

Nautilus U616 Upright BikeHeavy duty steel frameDual Track LCD displayPremium4.8/5
Schwinn 170 Upright BikeSturdy frameSchwinn Connect Goal TrackingMedium4.6/5
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike3 piece crank systemDouble Drive Transmission SystemAffordable4.5/5

#1st Recommendation: Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Another Amazon’s Choice product, the Nautilus U616 Upright bike comes with two LCD window displays that allow you to see status details for up to 13 different workout variables. Under $500, the price is over half what it was originally worth, making this almost a steal. It is an Amazon’s Choice for a reason, as well, with a 4.3-star rating out of over 100 customer reviews. Particular highlights that customers have raved about for the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike are the bike exceeding expectations, being incredibly comfortable to ride on and adjust, and the assembly was a breeze.

Special Features

A more convenient feature for the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is the Quick Start button, which allows you to get going on the bike right away. Likewise, everything from the seat to the handlebars is all adjustable, so you’ll be able to adjust until you’re truly at the perfect fit for your comfort zone and your fitness level. The pedaling on the Nautilus U616 is super smooth, very quiet, and seemingly effortless, making for a pleasant ride no matter how intense your workout is set to be. Finally, while this may not be a necessity as far as features go, it is an addition to the bike that makes the whole ride more convenient: there’s a shelf built in for your iPad, tablet, or other mobile devices to rest on while you listen to music and ride.

Intelligent System

A nice touch for this Nautilus upright bike is the intuitive system that tracks, monitors, and profiles you while you ride. There’s a great variety of different variables to be able to pay attention to with this upright bike, including heart rate, calories burned, time spent, time left, watts being used, the resistance it’s been adjusted to, and much more. You’ll be able to take your workout to the next level with this type of upright stationary bike.

#2 Recommendation: Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive cardio machine, the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike takes the cake with 4 user settings and a whopping 29 programs working fluidly to help you continue to reach your fitness goals. With a 4.2-star rating out of over 450 customer reviews, customers rave about the 25 different levels of resistance, the smooth transition for changes of resistance with the magnetic flywheel, and the overall affordability of the bike. Coming in under $300 with free shipping, you can’t get much more bang for your buck when looking for a quality upright stationary bike.

Programs and Tracking

The 29 different programs that the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike offers include 12 profiles, 4 custom, user-defined settings, 9 different heart rate control settings, a recovery test, and one Quick Start setting so that you can get moving immediately. Compatible with MyFitnessPal, you can seamlessly transfer your distance, time, and calories goal tracking data via USB to the Schwinn Connect website. The high inertia, high-speed parameter aligned with the 25 different levels of eddy current resistance allow for a quiet, smooth workout.

Advanced Features

Not only does the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike come with a classic over-sized water bottle holder section, as many stationary bikes do, but it also comes equipped with a 3-speed fan. The transport wheels, integrated levelers, and even the ergonomically placed grip heart rate is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Finally, the speakers with this upright bike have sealed acoustic chambers, allowing for crystal clear sound quality.

#3 Recommendation: Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

There’s a reason that the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse has a glowing 4.4-star rating out of over 4,400 customer reviews – quality, durability, and convenience. From countless detailed reviews, customers rave about the shake-free, sturdy ride, even when the upright bike is set to a high speed or intensity. Even after extreme use, hundreds of miles, and plenty of wear and tear, customers say the original AAA batteries that come with the bike are still ready to go.

Save Space

While most stationary bikes are convenient for at-home gyms because of their size, the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse takes the cake for convenience. It can fold up, saving, even more, space than the average stationary bike and saving you time and energy when you have to put the bike away. Easily portable with portability wheels, you can squeeze this upright bike in just about anywhere.

Comfort and Design

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse was made with comfort in mind, with a max capacity of up to 300 lbs. and a large seat cushion so that anyone of any size can easily adjust and sit right in. This Exerpeutic folding bike can adjust to fit anyone 5’3” to 6’1”. The compact design makes the bike easy to forget about in a corner when you’re not using it, and the additional heart pulse monitor is a nice bonus. The magnetic tension control system has 8 levels, so you can truly find your comfort zone and get the workout you need out of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse.


Top Recommended Recumbent Bikes for 2017

Schwinn 270 Recumbent BikeWalk-Through FrameErgonomically Placed GripPremium4.8/5
Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise BikeSturdy frameCounterbalanced pedalsAffordable4.7/5
Exerpeutic 900XL Extended CapacityStep-Through DesignChallenging Cardiovascular WorkoutMedium4.5/5

#1st Recommendation: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Monitor 13 different display feedback’s at the same time with a comprehensive dual track two LCD window system that comes with the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. Keeping a 4.3-star rating with almost one thousand customer reviews is only a task that a quality product can actually surpass, and this recumbent bike does just that. Sit back, relax, and ride the miles away on this stationary recumbent bike, which comes with free shipping and pricing in at just under $400.

Going the Extra Mile


Most stationary bikes come with features that make them unique from other stationary bikes. The Schwinn 270, in particular, has a charging USB port for data exchange, along with 29 programs, 25 different levels of resistance, the display feedbacks mentioned above, and backlit LCD window displays for a bright picture of your fitness goals. Essentially, goal tracking with this recumbent stationary bike has never been made easier.

Built for Comfort


The biggest benefit of any recumbent bike is the back support, so you can get in an intense cardio session without hurting your back, or without injuring it more if you already have a bad back. Recumbent bikes are especially recommended for those with bad knees and/or weak joints, so as to get the full effort of their exercise without hurting themselves further. The seat bottom is padded, has a contoured leg area, and has a large vented seat back, so your workout can be cool and comfortable.

#2 Recommendation: Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

One of our most affordable top picks, the Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike comes in with over 1,500 customer reviews and an average 4.2-star rating. It’s less than $200, with free shipping, making it one of the best options out there for a budget-friendly exercise bike. Durable and sturdy, you’d think it was made out of heavy materials, but it’s light enough to easily transport upstairs, with clear instructions as far as assembly goes. Smooth, whisper-quiet, and easy to move, the Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike is all about functionality.

Reduce Pain and Increase Endurance

Go further, longer, with the Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike. Many customers rave about turning on the television or getting into a video game and completely forgetting they’re on the bike, to begin with – so easy to use you forget you’re even exercising! Likewise, you can get started at any stage of your fitness journey, as there doesn’t seem to be a max weight capacity.

Low Profile

The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike keeps a low profile, sitting low to the ground so that you can store it away when the company is over and it doesn’t have to be an eye sore in the middle of a room when you’re not working out on it. While it does lack some of the higher tension settings that some of our other top picks provides, it’s still a great beginner recumbent bike, built to last and help along anyone at the early stages of their fitness journey.

#3 Recommendation: Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Coming in under $150 with over 2,000 raving customer reviews and a sharp 4.2-star rating, the Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike offers a challenging cardio workout without sending stress to your back and joints. The easy-to-read, large LCD display screen tracks your calories burned, distance, time, heart rate, speed, and much more, with a 300-pound max capacity.

Guaranteed Results

The Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike comes with a limited 3-year warranty so that you can be absolutely sure of the product you’re purchasing after you decide whether you like it or not. While it is a limited warranty and you have to deal with the manufacturer of the bike directly, it is still an assurance that you’re purchasing the right product.

Intense Resistance

While the wider seat on the Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike was built for comfort, the weight resistance can still give you an intense cardio session. Utilize the magnetic resistance while you target certain heart rate zones, taking advantage of the hand pulse pads to monitor your heart rate easily if you wish to improve the magnetic resistance you can do with external methods. In conclusion, the Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike finishes up the list with excellent ratings and a secure recommendation.


8 Best Elliptical Machines – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017

Looking for the best elliptical machine? Read our in-depth elliptical machine reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision!

Best High End Elliptical Machines (For Commerical Use)

Precor AMT 835 Commercial SeriesIf you're setting up a commercial gym or a premium fitness club then the Precor AMT 835 is bound to leave your customers in awe! It is hands-down the best elliptical machines out there but it does comes at a price, and a hefty one at that! Get it only if you're serious about your business.

Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero RunnerHowever, if you're on a budget, but still need something that will deliver value to your customers and is built to last long, then Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner is the next best elliptical trainer for a commercial gym.

Best Elliptical under $2000 (for Home Use)

Body Solid E300 Endurance Series: This elliptical trainer is built to last and a price tag of under $2000, this is one of the best value for money elliptical trainers. It may not be fancy but it is highly functional and durable. This is a great option if you're prepping to build endurance.

Schwinn 470 EllipticalThe Schwinn 470 is as basic as they come. If you're looking for something to use for your morning workouts just before you leave for work then this is a cheap option that will do the job.

Best Elliptical Machines for 2017

ProductBest FeatureBudgetRating
Precor AMT 835 Commercial SeriesPower Adjustable StridePremium4.9/5
Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero RunnerAccurate Stride TracingBudget 4.7/5
Body Solid E300 Endurance SeriesUSB Port For Music FunBudget4.5/5
Schwinn 470 Elliptical MachineSchwinn ConnectPremium4.5/5
Nautilus E614 EllipticalIFIT CompatibilityPremium4.2/5

In-depth Elliptical Machine Reviews

Need an elliptical trainer for your commercial gym or fitness club? The Precor AMT 835 Commercial Series is an absolute beast and though it comes on the higher end of the price scale, its jaw-dropping build and innovative features are the perfect way of letting your customers know its crunch time.

So what makes the Precor AMT 835 so special? Let’s find out...

Precor AMT 835

Innovation at its best

One of the distinct features of the AMT 835 is its Adaptive Stride Length, meaning, the stride length automatically adjusts as per the user's motions.

Thus you can go from a step motion to jogging or run within seconds without the hassle of having to reach out for the controls each time.

Secondly, the Open Stride feature lets you adjust the stride height between 6.8″ to 10″ enabling you to engage the otherwise neglected upper and lower body muscles as well.

Further, helping you keep track of all these changes is the Stride Dial which updates automatically in real time and shows the muscles being worked on.

Lastly, with the 20 resistance levels and adjustable incline, you can crank up your workout anytime so you’d never hit a plateau again.

Using all of this high tech tracking technology, the AMT 835 acts as your virtual personal trainer.

Console Features

Since the heart rate sensors are located on the handlebars they are easy to access and provide accurate readings using the telemetry enabled chest strap that is compatible with any 5 kHz wireless transmitter.

The touch console also sports a crystal clear and large LED Display which provides you with all the important workout readings like the time remaining, distance covered, pulse, elapsed time, calories burnt etc. so keeping track of your workout is simple.

Also, the 6 built-in workout programs are designed to cater to all kinds of fitness goals making it the perfect trainer for pros as well as the beginners.

Finally, the trainer also features a reading rack, USB charging port, and a water bottle holder so now you can sweat it out while reading a book or listening to music and sip on your favorite protein shake or sports drink to keep you going.

Other Features

The 10-year warranty of the trainer is a sheer reflection of the confidence Precor has on the durability of this machine.

That teamed with the 350 lbs weight capacity means it can stand the test of time. This bad boy will stay with you for years.


Simply put, why buy a treadmill, spin bike and a stepper when you can have it all in one simple machine, makes sense doesn’t it?

This is one of the most premium machines in the market today and if you are looking for the ultimate workhorse, this leads the pack by a mile.

The Octane Fitness ZR8 is one of a kind in its price range and unlike some cheaper commercial trainers that often lack important features or durability, the ZR8 has got you covered and is bound to leave a lasting impression on the users (especially runners) with its impressive features and smooth movement.

Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

Experience Zero Impact running

Let's be honest there is nothing that great about a treadmill and the waiting for it, when you get to the gym is even worse.

Well, with the Octane ZR8 you’re in for a game-changing experience. The ZR8 replicates the running motion like no other without pressurizing or straining your joints as you would on a treadmill or outdoor run.

So what makes the movement so realistic? Firstly, it’s the automatically adjustable 58-inch stride settings and with the stride tracing technology you can easily correct your form, imbalances etc. so you always finish as strong as you began.

Secondly, adding to the smooth and natural movement are the aircraft grade aluminum legs and lightweight pedals that provide added stability and efficiency.

Unmatched compatibility

One of the standout features of the ZR8 is the SmartLink App (available on iTunes) that is compatible with iPad Mini, Bluetooth 4.0, iPhone 5, Garmin smart watches etc.

With the SmartApp Link you can set customized training regimes to fit your goals, strength, endurance etc. or use predesigned regimes for 5K, 10K, half Marathons and Marathons while easily keeping track of the progress made.

Further, it also features a heart rate monitor that’s telemetry enabled and is compatible with the wireless Polar and ANT+ transmitters for accurate readings.

The trainer also comes with 7 connection points so grab onto a resistance band, download a few workouts using the smart link app and charge up your runs with some strength training.

Other Features

The Octane ZR8 is battery powered so you’d be saving quite a few bucks on the electricity bills of your gym or home plus it can be placed anywhere.

Lastly, the ZR8 comes with a whopping 13 endurance programs, 12 tone up programs, and 10 active recovery programs. So now you have a built-in workout for each of your goals.


The few downsides of the ZR8 are its smaller LCD display and lack of incline (which can be countered using the adjustable resistance) but considering its low price and a wide array of features that can easily substitute for outdoor running or a treadmill, its a steal for anybody seeking a commercial elliptical on a budget.

#3 Pick: Body Solid E300 Endurance Series (Best Budget Elliptical)

While the Body Solid E300 Endurance Series may lack the fancy frills and thrills of a high-end model like the Precor AMT 835, the Body Solid E300 is primed for durability, is cheaper and its simple operation makes it the perfect trainer for home use and for the budget buyers looking to pep up their endurance training

Body Solid E300

Built to last

The high-grade steel build finished using the electrostatic power makes the Body Solid E300 a highly durable model and can withstand user weight of about 400 lbs making it a great buy for users of all shapes and sizes.

Further validation of its durability is the lifetime warranty on the frame and the 5-year part warranty. Use the trainer correctly and it's an investment for a lifetime.

Secondly, with most cheap rear or front drive trainers, the excessive vertical motion provides an uneasy and rocky workout.

This changes with the center drive design of the E300 which provides an anatomically correct elliptical path that guarantees a smooth and natural walking/running movement that’s easy on the joints and muscles.

It’s space efficient

Worried about fitting in the elliptical machine into your room? Well, there’s good news. The E300 requires just 2½” x 5” of floor space and has been compactly designed without compromising on stability or durability making it the most space efficient model on the list.

Other Features

The 20 different magnetic resistance settings teamed together with the 21-inch stride length lets you adjust workout intensity as per your comfort.

You get a full body workout engaging multiple muscles.(And hey, the machine is super silent, so you don't have to worry about waking up the kids.)

The LED display screen provides all important stats and details connected to your workout like calories burnt, distance etc. and the contact grip heart monitor is accurate so keeping track of your progress and correcting mistakes is easy.

Also, with the 6 different pre-set programs you can enjoy a quick hill or interval training or surprise yourself with the random setting.


One of the major drawbacks of the E300 is the lack of an incline so you’d miss out on the more challenging and muscle building uphill/downhill workouts.

Also, it lacks some additional convenience features like a cooling system, book or tablet holder etc. and while they are not that important, they do make life easier.

Overall, considering its strong build, functionality and low price, it’s an ideal budget pick. (We have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to anybody).

You’ve probably heard of or even exercised on a Schwinn machine before. Well known for their fairly priced bicycles, Schwinn also creates great elliptical machines. One of their most popular models is the 470 elliptical.

Available for about $1,000, it is a mid-priced model that is competitive with many of the more expensive models on the market. Here’s what you can expect from this little machine and the many features it offers you as a consumer.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Dual Track LCD System

When you’re working out on an elliptical, you want the latest up-to-the-minute updates on your progress. The LCD window system of this machine lets you check out 13 different feedback displays, including your heart rate, calories burned, and much more.

Variety Of Exercise Programs

With 29 different exercise routines to choose from, you can decide what kind of exercise you want to experience every day.

Do you want a more low-key experience or one that will seriously burn fat? 

You can get both and much more. There are also 25 different levels of resistance that can be set up for 4 different users.

Schwinn Connect

Keeping track of your exercise progress can be an annoying prospect for many exercisers. That said, this Schwinn elliptical lets you track your goals and your progress towards them.

This serves as a great motivation for those who get lost on the way and need a little help staying on track.


A great choice for a variety of exercise needs, this Schwinn provides users with many diverse features. It is particularly a great choice for anyone who needs a little help staying on track with their exercise goals.

This makes its perfect for home use, as it is more appropriate for individuals.

Nautilus is a bit like the “Little Engine That Could.” They started out as a rather small and rarely regarded company and have become one of the most respected on the market.

How did they make the jump to the big league? By offering excellent products like the E614. This elliptical is available for about $1,000 and is well worth the price.

Just what does this elliptical offer you and why should you consider it when it comes time to buy a new exercise machine?

Nautilus E614 Elliptical


Are you looking for someone to cheer you on and keep you motivated while you exercise? Then MyFitnessPal could just be the best friend you’ve been looking for all these years.

The E614 includes this program, and Nautilus Connect, as a way of tracking your fitness goals and providing you with a lot of motivation.

USB Port For Music Fun

Plug in a USB card filled with music and use the LCD windows to navigate to a built-in mp3 player. The acoustic-chambered speakers create a nice volume level that will provide you with the kind of music fun you need to stay on the right track. Changing the available music is as easy as swapping out your USB cards.

Several Exercise Options

Are you looking for the most diverse exercise experience in the elliptical market?

The E614 has you covered. It offers 22 different exercise programs, 20 different levels of resistance, and two different user profiles. 

This makes it possible for you to create a specific routine that is useful for a wide range of people.


With a quality build and many different exercise options available, you really can’t go wrong with the Nautilus E614. While the price may be a little too high for those who want a low-cost option, it is lower than many of the models on this list.

That’s an important consideration for buyers to understand when choosing their preferred model.

ProForm Fitness is a company that probably deserves to be better known than they are right now. That’s not to say that nobody talks about them but that the quality of their products is high.

For just $708, you can get access to one of the most adaptable and fun-to-use elliptical machines on the market. In fact, this is probably our choice for the best low-to-mid priced elliptical on this list. Here’s why we think anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank on an elliptical should consider this one.

ProForm Endurance 520 E

Incredible Range Of Programs

A high-quality elliptical machine needs to offer you a variety of programs and technology items that make it worth your time. The 520 E has 18 different workout apps, 18 digital resistance levels, an EKG grip pulse, soft touch upper-body grips, and a great water bottle holder. That’s a lot of nice features for very little money.

iFit Compatibility

iFit is a workout app that many people use to stay in great shape. Unlike most of the other elliptical machines on this list, the 520 E is adaptable with this app. As a result, you can sync up your program and your workout goals and keep track of them on the machine. Any iFit module and subscription are, obviously, sold separately.

Audio Compatibility

Who doesn’t love rocking out to their favorite tunes while exercising? ProForm understands the importance of motivational music, which is why they have allowed iPod compatibility with their 520 E model. While the speakers aren’t the loudest in the world, they are more than capable of creating a fun environment for your workout needs.


We told you that this great elliptical provided a surprising range of great items, and we weren’t lying! It delivers one of the best cost-based values on the elliptical market. While it might not be quite the knockout the more pricey models on this last are, it still provides you with a great model that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

Exerpeutic is a great fitness machine manufacturer that focuses on providing upper-tier equipment at affordable prices. While their machines may not be on quite the same level as some of the others on this list, their prices are very hard to beat.

For example, the 1000X1 costs just $200 to own. A quick comparison to the price of just about any other elliptical on this list showcases what a big deal that is for an elliptical. Here’s what you can expect from this more-than-affordable machine.

Exerpeutic 1000 Xl

Non-Bouncy Movement

The well-designed elliptical motion of this machine eliminates the bouncy movements that plague many lower-quality machines. As a result, you get a smoother and more enjoyable ride at a fraction of the cost of other elliptical machines that offer the same benefits.

Tension Resistance

There are eight different magnetic tension resistance levels that you can use with this elliptical. For example, level one gives you an easy warm-up routine while level eight will truly challenge your strength.

As a result, you can use this fun little machine to get into the best shape of your life at a rate you can handle.

Target Zone Monitor

The pulse pads on the handles of this machine allow you to get a quick read of your heart rate and lets you know if you are within your target zone. It also lets you know if your rate is too high, protecting you from dangerous heart attack situations.


This machine offers the user a lot of bang for the buck. While we admit it’s not among the most handsome or sturdiest of machines, the careful can still get a lot out of this machine.

Consider this something of a starter machine for those who are examining their physical fitness and who don’t want to drop a lot of bucks on a machine they may not use.

True Fitness is an exercise machine provider that focuses on the higher-end of elliptical machines. Their M30 elliptical is available for about $2,300. This makes it one of the most expensive machines on this list. That said, that money was well focused in creating a sturdy and reliable machine that will last you a lifetime.

They claim that it is built with “only the finest components,” and we have found that to be absolutely true. You simply can’t find a more sturdy machine than this incredible model.

Here’s the many features that highlight its variety of use possibilities.

True M30 Elliptical

Personal Training Program

For those who are struggling to get into shape, this elliptical is a great option because it provides a virtual trainer. This training program will help identify areas in which you are weak and focus your exercise there.

It can also adjust the strength of the machine quickly and create a diverse and engaging workout routine.

Heart Rate Control

When you are working out on an elliptical, you need to track your heart rate carefully. Failure to do so can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Thankfully, the M30 contains an automatic heart rate monitor that will give you an up-to-date review of your heart health. It will also warn you if your rate gets too high.

Space-Efficient Design

One problem that plagues many elliptical owners is space. Many people feel like they simply can’t fit an elliptical in their home. Thankfully, the M30 comes with a streamlined and space-efficient design that makes it easy to fit just about anywhere in your home. This also makes it easy to store when it is not in use.


While it’s going to cost you a little bit of money, this elliptical is more than worth it. From its fun virtual training program to its space-efficient design, you really get your money out of this one.

It is perfect for the young professional who wants to stay in shape or for higher-end fitness centers that want to attract only the highest-quality clients.

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